Get a Roof That Can Withstand the Elements

Add a metal roof to your property in Central Florida

Are you looking for a roof that will last for years and withstand high temperatures? Choose Top Dog Roofing to install a metal roof in central Florida. As your roofer, we'll help you find a product that perfectly fits your property.

You'll get a brand-new metal roof that will increase your home's value. You also won't have to worry about constant upkeep and maintenance.

We are based in Eustis & Kissimmee, FL and serve all of central Florida. Plan your new roof installation today.

Why so many Floridians choose metal

Metal roofs offer a number of advantages to property owners in Florida. This roof type is commonly chosen because it:

  • Is resistant to extreme weather
  • Can keep your home cooler during summer
  • Deflects heat, reducing your energy costs

Have any questions about metal roofs? Call us today at 863-327-2822 to get assistance from your local roofer with over 30 years of experience.